In some text documents (such as call-center transcripts, customer-support notes, repair notes, help/support forums, chats, etc.) it is possible to find a description of a problem followed by a description of the solution. A problem-solution text document is likely to consist of the following:

• Description of a problem or issue

• Troubleshooting techniques, process-of-elimination steps, etc.

• Description of solution(s) that was/were used to fix the problem

• Optionally the evaluation of those possible solutions

In these situations, Looksee is able to associate or pair the problem with the solution. For example, users of a certain type of LCD complain that the LCD picture is fuzzy. Some technicians solve the problem by replacing the LCD, while other technicians solve the problem by upgrading the device driver. The Problem-Solution module of Looksee is able to determine the following:

Problem: LCD picture is fuzzy

1. Solution: replace LCD

2. Solution: upgrade the device driver

Looksee can help detect and match possible solutions to a problem described in the text documents.