Light on Pocket - Data Looksee Self-driven Insights!

You don’t have time for complicated text analytic tools and surely don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on new IT departments to perform text analysis. Do it yourself! Data Looksee is self-driven insight tool for text analytic without the Hassle. With our text analytic software, you don’t have to worry waiting on developer updates.

Things are about to get a lot better and cheaper over time. Data Looksee managers and executives from all over the world will see real savings achieved over the time. With less cost of ownership and value for money. A solution designed to stay light on your pocket. No deployment or infrastructure cost. Its cost effective SaaS solution on the cloud will service all your analytic needs.

Data Looksee is real value for money and cheaper to run is one of the biggest selling points for all these companies to potentially reduce IT support costs. SaaS has been combined into the strategy of all leading enterprise software companies. Data Looksee is an easy to use application serve as a single interface service on every device.