To get the best support please send an email to us; All queries will be answered through e-mail.


What is Data Looksee?

Data Looksee is an easy-to-use, integrated analysis tool that combines structured and unstructured textual data to bring customer experience (CX) to the surface. It helps users find previously unknown insights in their text based data such as social media engagement, call center data, chat, return feedback, survey responses and more to reveal customer sentiment, consumer trends, hidden product concerns or service issues.

Which browser does Data Looksee Support?

Data Looksee is compatible with the following browsers:

• Apple Safari (version 7 and higher)

• Firefox (version 29 and higher)

• Google Chrome (version 35 and higher)

• Microsoft Internet explorer (version 11 and higher)

• Opera (version 22 and higher)

How can I get the demo?

You can send the demo request from www.Data Looksee.com and our sales staff will contact you to arrange the demo of the application for you.

How can I get the Data Looksee trial?

You can contact our sales from Contact Us. After evaluation of your request our representative will configure the trial of the application for you and will share the necessary information through an email

Do I have to do any configuration to access Data Looksee?

Data Looksee is a cloud hosted platform, no configuration is required at the client end to access the application. You type the URL in browser and you are done.

How can I get the pricing information?

Please send an email to our sales representative at sales@datalooksee.com to get the pricing information.

How can I monitor my product brand?

You will share the links of the brand reviews/data that you want to monitor. Data Looksee team will do the rest of the work for you and will provide you fully cooked analysis on the cloud.


How can I recover my password/Customer Number?

Registered users have an option to recover their password and customer number:

  1. Click “having trouble signing in?” located on the login page
  2. Select appropriate option to proceed
How can I change my password?

  1. Click on setting icon
  2. Select “Change password” option

When I try to login in the system the message “User is already logged in” displays. what should I do?

We allow only one session of a user at a time. If the session is already been taken by someone else. You would have to wait until the session is free from your peer.

My account has been blocked, what should I do?

We block the account for the following reasons.

  1. You may have tried the wrong password multiple times, in this case we block the account for few minutes. You can give it a try after few minutes.
  2. Your trial period has ended, you can send a request to our sales representatives if you want your trial period to get extended.
What data does it display?

Extracted data displayed in Data Looksee can be from any source including data from social media networks, online retailer, distributor, call center data, chat data, customer feedback and survey responses. Moreover, user can also integrate outside data using the URL Scene or custom Scenes.

How can I integrate specific business data?

Data Integration is really easy with Data Looksee. Once data is scrapped and processed, data is ready to perform analysis. For more help, please contact our technical team. Our technical team helps the user to stream in data from specific websites, social media networks, survey forums as well as custom business applications.

How Data Looksee is distinct from other BI tools?

Actionable insights made really easy with Data Looksee. Data Looksee establishes leadership in text analysis not by just making actionable insights easy but an outstanding and user friendly interface, which offers so many features that set it apart from traditional BI tools.

How often is technology updated?

To give you more value for money and enhanced user experience, Data Looksee technology specialist always looking out for better Analytics solutions. New functions are updating continuously. Please note we also make bespoke solutions as per user requirements.

How Data Looksee is updated?

Data Looksee Analytic updates automatically without you have to do anything. We also develop new products and features that are in addition to our core offering.

How does Data Looksee Sentiment analysis work?

Data Looksee automatically discovers term/theme of each sentiment. Please visit demo videos to see sentiment analysis in action.

How updated data integrated into the system?

A separate scrapping component is built for such purpose which has a scheduling mechanism. Commonly used sites are visited regularly; typically once a day. Less popular/important sites are visited less often, but our engine processes whole data once in a month.

Which languages does Data Looksee support?

Currently Data Looksee supports English and working on more popular languages.

Which countries does Data Looksee cover?

Regardless wherever you are, you can benefits from Data Looksee

How Data Looksee handles duplicate data?

Our scrapper is pretty intelligent which doesn’t allow to repeat the website links.

How Data Looksee manage historical data?

As standard, Enterprise subscriptions have access to all historical data.

Does Data Looksee offers any training?

Yes, Data Looksee offers free initial training. Advanced training is also available for an additional fee. We also have a dedicated Support Portal, which includes a large library of help documentation and videos, as well as options to recommend features, report issues and contact our support team.

Does Data Looksee provides any dedicated support?

Our technical support team is staffed by Data Looksee developers, directly contactable by phone or email. All of our tickets are solved in lightning time and are answered with tailored responses from real people.

Does Data Looksee provide consulting services?

Data Looksee has a team of technical and functional people who help the company in order to perform analysis on their brand.

Does Data Looksee offer theming?

Yes, we are currently working on new enhancements.