What is Data Looksee

Data Looksee is an easy-to-use, integrated analysis environment that combines structured and unstructured (textual) data to bring customer experience (CX) to the surface. It helps users find previously unknown insights in their text based data (such as social media engagement, call center data, chat, return feedback, survey responses and more) to reveal customer sentiment, consumer trends, hidden product concerns, or service issues. Data Looksee provides an unencumbered environment that you manipulate to fit your analysis goals. Unlike other interfaces that force the user to conform to the way someone else thinks you should look at your data, with Data Looksee you dictate how you want to see your data.

Why we created Data Looksee

Data Looksee was created to help you better analyze your unstructured text and to provide you with the creative freedom to more closely interact with your data. It brings together both structured data and unstructured text to give you the clearest image of the voice of your customer (VOC). More often than not, the greatest insights into your VOC and customer experience are hidden in open-ended text responses of various forms. With Data Looksee you get to know what your customers are really saying and find unknown customer sentiment and/or consumer trends in unstructured text data through our easy-to-use user-interface.

How does Data Looksee Work

Data Looksee is a full-service qualitative analysis environment that goes beyond basic reporting. With Data Looksee you get a text analysis application and dashboard that allows you to drill into both your structured data and unstructured text to extract more than just statistical values, word counts, or basic sentiment. With Data Looksee, you can research, dig deep into specific problem areas, visualize trends and anomalies, and create a full qualitative analysis of your unstructured content that will help you drive product enhancement and consumer trend alignment. You are able to do all of this through our flexible user-interface and with the help of integrated algorithms and custom visualizations.

How our Customers use Data Looksee

Data Looksee is used across various industries and business verticals in areas like customer experience (CX), market research, PR, customer relations, customer experience management (CEM), human resources (HR), life sciences and clinical medicine, and research and development (R&D). The interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to manipulate. From departments to major enterprises looking to analyze large amounts of incoming and historical unstructured data, we are able to give you the clearest view into what your data has to tell you. If you have unstructured data you want to analyze, Data Looksee is your best solution for actually seeing what your data has to show you.